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Psychics, government conspiracies, and dangerous criminals swirl like a summer storm around 17-year-old parkour enthusiast Samantha Black.

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She wants to find her father's murderer.

The government has other ideas. They don't care about Sam's father. They want the mind reading sentient virus that lives in her brain.


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Blogs on video game development and creative writing

Chapter 2 – The Creative Hook

June 19, 2020 : Blog - Videogames

Establishing the Creative Hook (4750 words) - A useful process for both game design and fiction writing

Character Generator

July 26, 2019 : Blog - Writing

A Meyers-Briggs based character creation tool for fiction writing.

GNOSIS – Chapter 1

February 15, 2019 : Fiction -

Gnosis - Chapter 1: A seventeen-year-old parkour enthusiast living on the streets, trying to learn the identity of her father's killer

The Writer’s Voice

October 2, 2018 : Blog - Writing

Lessons learned in the journey to learning writing: Understanding voice.


Book Reviews

Rick’s reviews of debut YA authors

Down and Across

August 11, 2018 : Book Reviews -

A coming-of-age story in the John Green style. I give this book a 4 star rating

The Nightmare of Moxie Gore

August 5, 2018 : Book Reviews -

It's rare when debut authors have such a strong start, but the first book in The Pallbearer Prophecy series earns Moxie Gore five stars

Sanctuary – Caryn Lix

August 2, 2018 : Book Reviews -

Aliens meets The Darkest Minds. This YA Sci Fi novel rates 3½ stars with me. Fun to read, but with room for improvement.



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