A sentient virus lives in her brain. It can read minds, and it knows the government is after her.

(Coming soon)

Samantha Black wants to prove the government killed her father.

They have lots of guns, but she's got an old man, a homeless precog, and an imaginary 10-year-old psychic boy.

It's gonna be close.


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Blogs on video game development and creative writing

The Writer’s Voice

October 2, 2018 : Blog - Writing

Lessons learned in the journey to learning writing: Understanding voice.

The Soul Triptych

July 29, 2018 : Blog - Writing

A discussion about the use of the so-called soul triptych in crafting characters, as well as works that include it to good effect

Creating An Author Website

July 22, 2018 : Blog - Writing

For indie authors who don't have a deep technical background, a step-by-step guide for promotional website creation

The Reflection

July 20, 2018 : Fiction -

Chapter 1 (2758 words) A goth physicist invents a machine that allows her to see ghosts of the past.


Book Reviews

Rick’s reviews of debut YA authors

Down and Across

August 11, 2018 : Book Reviews -

A coming-of-age story in the John Green style. I give this book a 4 star rating

The Nightmare of Moxie Gore

August 5, 2018 : Book Reviews -

It's rare when debut authors have such a strong start, but the first book in The Pallbearer Prophecy series earns Moxie Gore five stars

Sanctuary – Caryn Lix

August 2, 2018 : Book Reviews -

Aliens meets The Darkest Minds. This YA Sci Fi novel rates 3½ stars with me. Fun to read, but with room for improvement.



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